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California Cultural Districts Coalition








In July 2017, the California Arts Council announced 14 districts to serve as California’s inaugural state-designated Cultural Districts, highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within local communities across California.


These pilot districts are intentionally broad in scope and focus. To ensure that communication between Cultural Districts is enhanced and that shared opportunities are leveraged, all 14 of the Cultural Districts have joined to form the California Cultural Districts Coalition.


​​​Balboa Park Cultural District

Oceanside Cultural District

Eureka Cultural Arts District

Truckee Cultural District

Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District

The Calle 24 Latino Cultural District

Redding Cultural District

Rotten City - Emeryville Cultural Arts District

Downtown San Rafael Arts District

Little Tokyo

The BLVD Cultural District

San Pedro Arts & Cultural District

SOMA Pilipinas – Filipino Cultural Heritage District

Barrio Logan Cultural District


The focus of the Coalition is to unify California’s Cultural Districts to advance advocacy and collaboration in arts and culture. 


This will be achieved by facilitating communication between districts, encouraging online and in-person meetings designed to share best practices and inspire activities and programs, advocating for the formalization of the Cultural Districts program to include stable funding for operating support,
marketing and expansion of the program, and assisting emerging Cultural Districts to develop and thrive.

The California Cultural Districts Coalition is an independent coalition of the 14 pilot districts in California. For more information about the Coalition, please click here. The Coalition has no decision making influence or authority regarding Cultural District designation and is very supportive of, but has no relationship with, the California Arts Council. The Coalition is also very supportive of the work of Californian's for the Arts, the statewide arts advocacy organization. 

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